#83 Art Of Destruction

2nd April 2013 in Moving House
#83 Art Of Destruction
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Author Notes:

FreyFox 2nd Apr 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Earlier this year I went to the LA Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA for short) and was immediately drawn to that strange aeroplane parts sculpture in the plaza. I actually quite liked it ^^.


D-Rock 2nd Apr 2013, 6:45 AM edit delete reply
I'm rather open-minded when it comes to this, but I have to admit that I'm sometimes surprised by what is deemed as art.

Also, is that a character cameo I see in the second panel?
FreyFox 2nd Apr 2013, 3:04 PM edit delete reply
That it is ^^.
YotefoxCobalt 3rd Apr 2013, 3:12 AM edit delete reply
Who's the barefoot yote with you? Least that looks like a typical yote to me given that color scheme.
KeenyFox 3rd Apr 2013, 11:47 AM edit delete reply
It is Foxer421 on FA. I met him at the MOCA when I was in LA earlier this year and we had lunch together. Nice guy ^^
Tom Jankowski 5th Apr 2013, 9:50 PM edit delete reply
I'm guessing Rus got Trevor's weed disposed of without getting in trouble.
KeenyFox 8th Apr 2013, 10:54 AM edit delete reply
No major repurcussions, no ^^.
GoodKaptainKook 7th Dec 2015, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
Hey! I see you in the second panel! :D Sneaky cameoing yourself in your own comic, aren't you?
FreyFox 8th Dec 2015, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
A lot of artists do it ;)
Section79 30th Mar 2017, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
I see you in the background, Keeny!