#587 Punctuated For Emphasis

7th December 2018 in Points Of Vanishing - Part Two
#587 Punctuated For Emphasis
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GoodKaptainKook 7th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
Geez, and I thought she was trying to turn over a new leaf in life. Is that even physically possible at this point? Does a life of petty crime await poor Reg? XD
FreyFox 7th Dec 2018, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
Old habits die hard.
Fox Of Kings Island 7th Dec 2018, 12:01 AM edit delete reply
Fox Of Kings Island
Sorry, No's not an answer
David31 7th Dec 2018, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
Welcome to your wild ride Reggie! :D
Jake Elmer 7th Dec 2018, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
Who the Hell does she think she is?
Trevor Phillips?
FreyFox 7th Dec 2018, 1:13 AM edit delete reply
I'd say she's more of a Franklin Clinton when it comes to driving...
Ace Country 8th Dec 2018, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
I say Jimmie Johnson but idk, I could be insulting Jimmie for that
Shaggy 7th Dec 2018, 2:56 AM edit delete reply
You know.. That would be me driving like that. Nah just kidding XD
Section79 7th Dec 2018, 4:57 PM edit delete reply
Sasha can’t help but break the law.
Excelsior_thirty 7th Dec 2018, 6:06 PM edit delete reply
I feel that they will be featured in a cop show soon. Seeing that it is organ trafficking, this is eligible for the show called "World's Wildest Police Videos."
GoodKaptainKook 7th Dec 2018, 8:27 PM edit delete reply
Also, did they hit a washing machine? What in the hell is a WASHING MACHINE doing in the road XD
FreyFox 8th Dec 2018, 11:16 AM edit delete reply
No, it was a water bollard :P
D'Otter 8th Dec 2018, 8:10 PM edit delete reply
Sasha is not known for her subtlety and deception skills. But if they're still in Mexico, perhaps a bribe will suffice.

I confess I had to look up "water bollard" and I'm still not sure. Is that like a fire hydrant?
FreyFox 9th Dec 2018, 11:23 PM edit delete reply
They never crossed the border into Mexico. The picked up the contraband at the Border station.

A water bollard if you like is a large plastic or metal drum full of water used to partition sections of the road.
GoodKaptainKook 12th Dec 2018, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
You mean like water barrels and stuff? They use those on many North American race tracks to absorb and lessen the blow of a wrecking car, usually near the walls at the entrance to pit road and the like.

I've never heard these things referred to as "bollards" before. Is that the British term for them? I've only ever heard the word "bollard" used for ships...
FreyFox 14th Dec 2018, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
Yes it's a British term, sorry ^^;
AjayRulezzz 9th Dec 2018, 7:52 AM edit delete reply
Don't think this relationship will last long with the life of crime.
Dan 9th Dec 2018, 7:44 PM edit delete reply
Narrator: “And it was at this moment, as Sasha put her pedal towards the metal and sped down the freeway’s carpool lane, that Reggie thought, “You know, I wouldn’t be in this situation...if my brother Russ had just taken two minutes of his break and given me A FUCKING JOB REFERENCE!!!!”

Either that or Reg was thinking “Now I know what my horoscope meant when it only showed the cry laughing emoji!” 😂
Long Tom 11th Dec 2018, 11:03 PM edit delete reply
Next strip: Reg and Sasha argue over who has to wash the upholstery.
Excelsior_Thirty 13th Dec 2018, 3:46 AM edit delete reply
I do wonder how it will be if Sasha does meet Willow and they are alone... :0