#555 Quicksand

13th July 2018 in The River Runs Wild
#555 Quicksand
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GoodKaptainKook 13th Jul 2018, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
Quicksand? Oh how cliche of you :D Seriously I've seen so many action/adventure movies/shows prominently featuring it as a massive obstacle yet it certainly doesn't seem very common in real life. Closest thing I got to that was the mucky swampy mess we wound up having to drive out of one year when the local NASCAR race got washed out due to Mother Nature; had quite an adventure getting out of the parking lot XD

How many times did Jason bite/yank Russ' tail? Let's hope they get him out because we obviously can't have him die!
David31 13th Jul 2018, 12:06 AM edit delete reply
Quick fellas, form a furry chain and pull!

Pull and keep pulling like your lives depend on it.... Well Jason's does anyway. HEAVE!

That or form a makeshift rope using all your free pairs of shorts. LOL! I know I'm weird! :D
FoxxTrotter 13th Jul 2018, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
Yeah...'only' 15. ;0P
oletobyboy 13th Jul 2018, 1:57 AM edit delete reply
someone beat me too it, but make a clothes line quick! we just got jason back! we can't lose him!
Fox Of Kings Island 13th Jul 2018, 2:07 AM edit delete reply
Fox Of Kings Island
Chief Wiggum: Quick! Call 911! Or get some rope since they never come!
FreyFox 13th Jul 2018, 8:47 AM edit delete reply
"We can't! There's no signal!" . That and all their supplies for lost down river XD
Fox Of Kings Island 15th Jul 2018, 10:13 PM edit delete reply
Fox Of Kings Island
Me: *shouting* "Just get a snake! And I don't care if anyone is Ophidiophobia!"
Shaggy 13th Jul 2018, 2:38 AM edit delete reply
No! Not Jason!!! D-: Hope he'll be okay.
Damn, 15 miles! And I thought 1.4 miles walking to school and back home was long and boring :-P Though, cause of all that walking, my legs feel stronger than years before. I'm VERY used too walking! XD
FreyFox 13th Jul 2018, 8:48 AM edit delete reply
In America everything is bigger XD
Shaggy 13th Jul 2018, 11:54 AM edit delete reply
Very true XD