Species: Eurasian Red Squirrel First appearance: #1 (4th February 2011)
Russell is a mechanical genius who along with his twin brother Reggie moved from England to Los Angeles. As well as being gifted with being able to restore an all manner of vehicles, he also is an accomplished rally driver. He is the proud owner of a restored red 1967 Plymouth GTX called "Geraldine", and tends to wear dark green. He is married to Linda.

Species: Eurasian Red Squirrel First appearance: #1 (4th February 2011)

Russell's identical twin brother, who prefers to do modifications to cars rather than restore them outright. Although not as gifted at fixing things, he is more outgoing than Russell, and until recently drove a black 2010 Mitusbishi Evo X. He wears orange and black, as well as a peaked cap to distinguish himself from his twin whenever they are wearing matching outfits. Until recently he had struggled to hold down a lasting relationship, but eventually began dating his former foe Sasha Slater.

Species: Ferret First appearance: #160 (24th January 2014)

A bespectacled ferret who is an electronics buff and model maker who after dating Russell for several years is now married to him. Linda has a fiery competetive personality, but also has a softer caring spot to compliment it. She has a younger sister named Jeanette.

Species: Eurasian Red Squirrel First appearance: #10 (7th April 2011)

The twins' younger brother who still lives in England, sometimes with their parents Tony and Belinda. He is the frontman and bassist in psychedelic alternative rock band Zombie Korma, along with his childhood best friend Simon (keyboards), along with Zara (guitar) and Leeroy (drums). Past members include Graham and Christian. The band have scored several top 40 hits in their native UK and have made attempts to draw new fans stateside. His reckless nature has caused an all manner of tensions in the past between his family and friends, especially with Russell, but he is still family and of course they do love each other really!

Species: River Otter First appearance: #266 (26th January 2015)

Howard is a swimming instructor who loves exercise and outdoor activities, and teaches surfing at Santa Monica Pier. A fun friend, Howard was for several years in a casual "friends with benefits" relationship with Reggie.

Species: Raccoon First appearance: #80 (15th March 2013)

Timothy Schouten is an LAPD detective who is somewhat more lenient and friendly than your average LA Cop, most likely because he came from Canada. He may come across as meek at first but will harden up whenever the situation calls for it. He is married to Willow and they have two children between them, Becky and Ralf.

Species: Raccoon First appearance: #99 (27th May 2013)

An ex-street racer, Willow is Tim's wife and mother of their children Becky and Ralf. She is a total tomboy who while embracing of her new family life, has found it difficult to adjust to. Nevertheless it doesn't stop her from having fun when she can seize the opportunity!

Species: Skunk First appearance: #30 (22nd November 2011)

A black belt in karate, Nick teaches martial arts and also dabbles a bit in psychology and philosophy. During the mid 2010s he took a sabbatical in the Himalayas but has since returned.

Species: Mouse First appearance: #219 (22nd August 2014)
Sasha, along with her older brother Charley, were a team of hyper-competent race car drivers originally from Ohio, who migrated to LA after their family broke down. Sasha's mechanical and racing skills rival Russell's, and has seen some success in racing events along the way - dishonestly at first but then later on on her own merits. While initially antagonists and rivals to Russell and Reggie, a series of events landed Charley in jail and Sasha began working in a run down cafe where Reggie finds her by chance. After getting to know each other better they began dating - to the chagrin of both her and Reggie's respective siblings.

Species: Fox First appearance: #272 (9th February 2015)

A shy but smart platinum fox who as a teenager was rescued by the twins from his abusive uncle Eddie Glover. He then became their houseguest and has a fondness for reading, culinary and competetive team sports. While hopeless at culinary, he proved himself a capable playmaker in his college hockey team - and later moved to Seattle to play competitive ice hockey. After a disastrous stint in the NHL, Jason returned home and joined the LA County Fire Department.

Species: Coyote First appearance: #142 (22nd November 2013)

Jack Randall Jr is an outdoor retailer who has a thing for shooting and blowing things up, which led to him serving in the National Guard for a short period. Past events have warped this slightly derailed coyote into the loose cannon he is today. Perhaps surprisingly, he despises the NRA because he doesn't think guns should be sold to anybody who isn't professionally capable of handling them - such as civilians. He has a teenage daughter called Jessica from a previous relationship which ended after he caught his wife cheating on him.